a story in pictures.

This is Stuffie:

Bacon loves Stuffie.




So I decided to make a new Stuffie. I have decided my new hobby is going to be felting sweaters! and what better first project than a little toy for Bacon. I figured he didn't care if it was ugly, and the wool is pretty safe for him to chew on. he doesn't *eat* Stuffie's parts as he dismembers him, but i'm sure he does consume a little. Buying weird poly-whatsitcalled toys seemed weird to me.

meet Stuffie v 2.0:


I didn't bother actually stuffing him. With Stuffie v1.0 he was filled with some natural grass or something safe for dogs. After Bacon had him for about an hour we were picking up stuffing scraps from all over the house. Stuffie 1.0 hasn't been stuffed for most of his life. I think Bacon just likes a soft thing to chew on. So Stuffie 2.0 is two layers of felted wool sweater, sewn together with upholstery thread in a pretty tight zig zag. I'm curious how long the little guy holds up.

but first, does Bacon even like him???

the offering:

now, a test! who will win??




Poor Stuffie 2.0. But he is serving his dog with honor.


the end.

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