Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!!!


Hosting 13 people for xmess eve dinner, 8 for xmess dinner and 4 house guests for a week went surprisingly well!!

I was amazed to find that we could comfortably squeeze 13 people into our dining room (with the help of rented tables). We were planning to set up a second table in the living room, but with meatballs on the menu and my new beloved white carpet that i spend most of my free time spot checking, i was a little overwhelmed at the idea. throw in 2 kids and a dog, and i think you'll understand where i'm coming from.

having the little guest house, which i think i'll now start calling the south wing, was such a wonderful asset. I think my parents appreciated being able to seek refuge in their own little private home, let alone not having bathroom issues (too few) to deal with. My parents are early risers and my dad walks at 6 am, so it was nice for them to be able to get up and scoot about without disturbing the household.

Little Bacon was a star. He left everyone alone, wasn't overwhelmed by all the guests, and even chilled on his pillow (with a bone) while we ate dinner. As far as i know, he didn't touch even one of the hors d’oeuvres that spent hours on the coffee table.

So yea, i was really happy with how our first xmess turned out. all the work we did is a distant memory now, and it turned out so well. looking forward to a few weeks off, then i think we'll start up with smaller projects on a more forgiving time schedule.

Ooo! and! I've been loving the 1977 copy of "How to Preserve Everything" my mom brought me from her collection. Fruit trees, this summer, you will BE MINE! ohhh how i have plans. BIG PLANS! Meri, book your flight. I'm going to put you to work ;)

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