Meet Bacon

Well, we did it. I've been threatening to for years and years with the excuse that I've never had a big enough house. Well, now I've got a big enough house.
Last weekend Lynn and I went down to the Benicia Vallejo Humane Society to look at adoptable pups. Now, mind you, we went completely with the intention only to begin our search for and possible adoption of a pooch....we didn't think we'd actually meet "The One" on our first day out looking. Well, at least not until we saw this little guy.

From Bacon!

We spent a little time with him at the shelter and agreed that he seemed like a good boy, and that we'd keep him in mind, but that we should also look at a few other shelters before making a decision since there are lots of little guys and gals out there that need a good home.
Well, we did look at the other local shelter that was open on a Saturday, and certainly met a few likely candidates, but nobody seemed to resonate with us (me, really) as much as litte Bacon ( they called him Merlin at the shelter, but we named our dog, well, long before we had a dog) did.
I thought about him all week long, and even went to visit him on my lunchbreak on Wednesday. While there, I submitted an application, and called Lynn to see what she thought. Let's just say that I left a deposit for him and he came home with us yesterday. It's been a hectic and unproductive weekend, but I think we scored an awesome little buddy and look forward to many years of happiness and love for and with him.

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